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In order to succeed in a rapidly changing environment and to achieve our AMBITION 2025, we at Boehringer Ingelheim need to evolve into a more agile organisation. That is why the founders of the Intro 2 Agile - Olivia Asselin, Johannes Gaedicke, and Jonathan Tripp - developed a 3-day foundational training to introduce BI employees to the topics of agile working.

Where are we going

Agile Working is about uncovering needs and discovering solutions to meet those needs. Join the Intro 2 Agile and become an Agile Ambassador of BI!

Why Agile

We are living in times of uncertainty. The Agile way of working provides you with tools and methods to navigate through these uncertainties. It helps teams to deliver user-centred solutions and reducing the fear of the unknown. Most importantly, agile is a mindset on how one approaches a situation and works in a team.

What founders and facilitators of
the Intro 2 Agile say ...

"The Intro 2 Agile was developed in-house and lays the foundation to our BI tailor-made agile training, which enables everyone to learn about and apply agile methods and mindset - in their day to day job and as Agile Facilitator alike!"

Johannes C. Gaedicke
Agile Lead, Founder of Intro 2 Agile

"Best wishes on our Agile way forward! After you leave this Intro 2 Agile, please remember and act upon the "user-centricity, collaborate and iterate" agile principles - Enjoy!"

Eleonore Bivaud,
Agile Facilitator, Intro 2 Agile

“Intro 2 Agile brings agile minded people together, who are eager to discover agile principles, methods and tools to enable Boehringer Ingelheim to progress on our journey towards a truly agile organization - with people, for people, for generations.”

Barbara Matuszek,
Agile Coach Transformation & Performance, HPSGQ, Intro 2 Agile

The creation of Intro2agile was an opportunity to share the experience and best practices in France with the wider community with the aim of building a common language and understanding when we speak about the agile mindset.

Jonathan Tripp,
Agile Lead, Founder of Intro 2 Agile

What you need to know about the Intro 2 Agile


The Intro 2 Agile is an introductory training to raise awareness and get first insights into agility, working in an agile team, and build up knowledge.

You will learn about the agile fundamentals:
Problem Mapping
Design Thinking
Business Innovation
and more...


Join the Intro 2 Agile (3x 4h-sessions)

Upcoming Intro 2 Agile:
11. - 13. January 2022, 2 pm - 6 pm CET

Next Dates:

8. - 10. February 2022, 9 am - 1 pm CET

15. - 17. March 2022, 2 pm - 6 pm CET

Costs & Conditions

Intro 2 Agile: participation fee of 1.100€ (excl. VAT)

Please note: The Intro 2 Agile is mandatory to participate in further modules for training.

About cancellation policy:
Up to 43 days before the start of the training: 100% refund of participation fee

14 - 42 days before the start of the training: 50% refund of participation fee

Less than 14 days before the start of the training: 0% refund of participation fee

After the Intro 2 Agile

The Agile Facilitators Training Program

Your Journey to Agility does not have to stop after the Intro 2 Agile. Join the Agile Facilitators Training Program and explore the world of agile. Specialise in one out of three tracks: Agile Organisation, Business Design or Future & Design Thinking; or choose individual modules according to your interests and needs. In this program you will be trained to become an Agile Facilitator for Boehringer Ingelheim and support BI's success by facilitating workshops across departments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a look if you can find the answer to your question below.
If not, do not hesitate to contact us.

Who is the training program for?

Attending the “Intro 2 Agile” is a prerequisite to join the tracks and modules of the Agile Facilitator Training Program (AFTP). The AFTP is designed for all employees of Boehringer Ingelheim who are interested in becoming part of the Agile Facilitator Community at Boehringer Ingelheim. Being an Agile Facilitator entails using up to 20% of your overall work time to prepare and facilitate agile workshops. For further information, please contact us:

What is the program language?

The program language is English, as well as all provided material.

(When) Do I get a (full) refund?

Up to 43 days before the start of the training in the chosen track, a 0% cancellation fee applies. From 14 to 42 days before the training starts, a 50% cancellation fee applies. Any cancellations thereafter (less than 14 days) will be charged a cancellation fee of 100% of the costs.

Can I switch my place in the program with a colleague, if I can't attend my training module?

You can transfer your place to another person free of charge until 3 days before the first training module starts. After that, a transfer is no longer possible. A transfer of places for individual modules to third parties is not possible.

Will I receive a voucher, if I have to withdraw my registration?

A voucher or guarantee for joining the training at a later time cannot be given. The design of the training program is highly flexible and allows for several opportunities to join other tracks or alternative group dates. Withdrawal from the training underlies revocation and cancellation terms.

Who are my trainers?

The training program is supported by the team of zero360 GmbH from Berlin, Germany. The pool of agile trainers consists of subject-matter experts and experienced agile trainers. The trainer selection is based on the track and module content and will be announced to participants of a track.

Am I required to do tasks outside of the training modules?

You will be required to complete work tasks after each module, putting into practice what you have learned. Gaining practical experience is part of the overall learning path in the Agile Facilitator Training Program.

How much does the Intro 2 Agile cost?

The program costs 1.100€ (excl. VAT), including 3 days of workshops, each 4 hours long. All required material and documentation will be provided.

How do I benefit from the program?

The Intro 2 Agile is an introductory training to the agile way of working. It can be your starting point of becoming an Agile Facilitator. In the further training, you will deep dive into modules / track specialisations (Business Design, Agile Organisation, Future & Design Thinking) and learn more about methods and tools.

Will I receive all documents and material?

Yes, all participants will receive material and documentation in English – via the tools Mural and MS Teams, or email.

Do I have to pay for expenses?

All individual expenses need to be covered by the participant.

What happens, if I cannot attend?

Participation of sessions is mandatory to successfully complete the modules and training program. You can transfer your place to another person free of charge up until 3 days before the start of the training module. After this, a transfer is no longer possible. A transfer of places for individual modules to third parties is not possible. In case of illness, the participant cannot make damage claims.

When are the dates for the training modules of my track?

The dates for the respective modules in the training program are subject to each track group and their coaches. The training runs roughly around 6 months.

How do we keep in touch for remote coaching?

The trainers of zero360 give support and coaching via email, phone, video conferences or other tools (e.g. Mural, MS Teams) in order to best guide and supervise participants.

Who are the participants of the program?

All employees of Boehringer Ingelheim are invited to join the Agile Facilitator Community! The Agile Facilitator Training Program is designed to support all participants to become Agile Facilitators and enables them to facilitate their teams and processes at their departments in an agile way.

Which information do you need to trigger the PO?

Participants of the Intro 2 Agile have to initiate a Purchase Order and inform us about the Purchase Order number to refer our invoice to.Based on the BIePS system, we have the following information for you (information may vary depending on the system used):
eClass:  25259090 Training
Vendor: 794596 zero360 GmbH1
Unit: Intro 2 Agile. Please refer to the Participant Name.Price: Depending on combination of modules/full training. Please check the cost offer.Delivery Date: Please check the cost offer.Please attach under “Attachments” our “Cost Offer” for procurement.
We thank you for your support! Please write to for further requests.

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