Future & Design Thinking Track

Future & Design Thinking combines both perspectives to gain deeper future-oriented insights and opportunities to reframe problems and develop innovative solutions in today's world.

identify opportunities for innovation and apply the agile mindset
guide teams through the process of coming up with creative ideas
facilitate the development and iteration of prototypes to develop tangible solutions

About the Track

The Goal

Future Thinking is the consideration of the future in design and innovation processes – with suitable methods and tools at hand to make future scenarios and trends tangible. Design Thinking, on the other hand, draws from trends and understandings within a much smaller time frame (weeks, months, a few years), generates plausible hypothetical scenarios for examination and then creates a specific end product or service.

The insights from these track-specific methods and tools will enrich your knowledge and experience base for your future role as an Agile Facilitator at BI.

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